Why PSI?

PSI Protection Specialists are highly skilled in all aspects of VIP Protection. All are HIGHLY trained, vetted and guaranteed to be non-smoking, alcohol and drug free professionals. Our team has constantly been referred to as…

The Best in the Business

Who We Are

PSI is a Minneapolis, Minnesota based organization, fully licensed, bonded and insured. We are dedicated to delivering the highest level of protection to Corporate Executives, Ministers, VIP's and their families. 

Our Operators are highly trained in all aspects of protective operations. Our proactive approach leans heavily on the planning stage, also known as the  "advance". We keep multiple contingencies available to every plan. Our team members are tactically proficient and true professionals in all relevant areas of private security and personal protection. 

About Gary Essig, CPP

A highly successful business leader in the Minneapolis area, Gary Essig spent decades serving high net-worth clients in the local business arena.

A former Corrections Officers with the Minnesota DOC, in 2010 Gary was trained at R.L. Oatman & Associates as an Executive Protection Specialist and Security Driver. Gary and his team are fully qualified to keep you safe, secure and productive in any environment.

In 2012, Gary was appointed Security Director at a Twin Cities mega-church and school. Highly trained in all aspects of Close Protection, physical security and tactical operations,

In 2016, Gary achieved the Certified Protection Professional (CPP) certification through ASIS International. Also in 2016, PSI became licensed, bonded and insured as a Protective Agency through the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.